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Buy Bratz ATM Machine

You can use this just like a real atm. How cool is that. You can set a savings goal. When you have reached this goal, this atm will dispense a sticker as a reward. Just follow the audio. You can insert coins or paper currency. This atm will also keep track of your balances and will set a secret password just like the real atm's. You can save lots of money with this machine. This is fabulous and a great holiday gift too:)
Buy Bratz ATM Machine


Order Bratz Sewing Machine

Make your own fashions when you order bratz sewing machine. You can style like the bratz. This is a very easy to use sewing machine to make your own clothing and accessories. Make your own product line. How about that! You will also get your own scissors, bratz fabric, machine thread, ac adapter, foot pedal, bobbins, and a light carrying case.

This is great for the ages of 8 year olds and up. Alkaline batteries are needed for ultimate performance. What a great holiday gift.
Order Bratz Sewing Machine


Buy Bratz Learning Globe

You can buy bratz learning globe. What a fabulous rocking of a globe this is.This bratz globe has 3 fun learning modes with lots of great games and activities. You can go from country to country to learn interesting facts about each place.

Come on and travel with the bratz. Make sure you have 4C batteries and 1AAA battery. Pure learning enjoyment. Buy Bratz Learning Globe


Bratz TV And DVD Player

This bratz tv and dvd player is just fabulous. This portable is good for dvds, cds, and mp3s too. You will get a gorgeous bratz disply screen and 181 cable channels. This portable comes with very easy instructions and is very stylish. Watch tv or play dvds in style with your favorite bratz. Invite friends over and have a great time.
Bratz TV And DVD Player


Buy Bratz DVD Player

You can buy bratz dvd player at great prices. It is very stylish and it is loaded with features. This player has a 6.2 inch monitor, built in speakers, and a remote too. It also plays CDs and MP3s. Also included is:
AC Adapter
Rechargeable battery pack
Headphones jack
A/V output
Great for the ages of 8,9, and 10 year olds
This can come gift wrap for the holidays.
Buy Bratz DVD Player.