Buy Bratz Accessories

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Buy Bratz Groovin Guitar Game

You hanging out with the Bratz when you Buy Bratz Groovin Guitar Game. All you have to do is plug it into your TV and get to rockin! This guitar sets up very quickly. You can easily plug this into your TV to get started. You will receive very easy to follow on your screen directions.

You will get to rock with the Bratz with their 10 rockin songs from the Bratz Rock Angelz's CD. This game plays like a real guitar. This is a plug and play game guitar which detects finger movement. This is also great for a beginner who wants to learn how to play a guitar.

The AC jack and cables are included. Not complicated at all to connect. You will also need 4 AA batteries too. Become a goddess and have a good time. Check it out.Buy Bratz Groovin Guitar Game


Bratz Bedside Lamps

The girls can not help but spread the joy and love for their fashions and decor. Bratz Bedside Lamps are sensational. These lamps will light up your room even when your lamp is not on. What a gorgeous display in your room or any child's room.

You can also use this lamp as a great reading light. They are electric and will run on a 40 watt light bulb. The inner shades can be used to set a mood or it can be removed too. What fabulous designs Bratz Bedside Lamps are. It's a girl thing. Check it out right now:)

New Bratz Baby Boy

Well I guess MGA did decide to come out with a new Bratz Baby Boy. These babies are the cutest and the coolest. You can step back in time with the young boys.

They were very cute when they were little boys. They are still handsome now. Harvey is the new Bratz Baby Boy on the seen and one you can buy. He is featured in Baby Bratz The Movie DVD. You can see him in action in this dvd.

You can kick back with the Bratz babies. They are absolutely gorgeous. Little Bratz Harvey is really popular right now. Since MGA are not making too many of the baby boys, these would make great collector items. Check out the New Bratz Baby Boy They want to hang out with with you. This is little Eitan.

Bratz Clothes Online

There are many retailers who have Bratz Clothes Online that are just gorgeous for the picking. We know the Bratz are all about fashion so they have many outfits. Clothes, purses, sweaters, skirts, dresses, wedding gowns, shoes and so many more other accessories.

You also will be able to find Bratz apparel for your daughter to wear too. Pajamas, costumes, skate shoes, underwear, footwear, socks, tee shirts, tights, and nightgowns and alot of accessories too.

Another alternatives is, do you know how to sew? How about making you own Bratz clothes? You can design them yourself. You will be able to find many doll patterns at fabric stores. What a great hobby this would be if you know how to sew.

If you are deciding not to sew that's ok, there are lots of Bratz Clothes Online. Many fabulous outfits to choose from.

Buy Bratz The Movie Wii

What pure enjoyment when you Buy Bratz The Movie Wii. You can see the Bratz rock in sensational music shows. They also strut their fashions in runway style. You will be the one Bratz outfits. You will get a chance to publish their own magazine too. You can share in all the glamour and glitz of becoming real movie stars.
You can choose their accessories and you will be able to give the Bratz fabulous hairstyles. That's really cool. You will also be able to play one of the Bratz or all 4. You can get into their character and experience for yourself the adventure based on each one of the girls.

You will have an large assortment to work with such as makeup, hairstyles, outfitss and accessories. What a fabulous time you are going to have. When you Buy Bratz The Movie Wii, you are going to have a blast. What great fun you are going to have hanging out with the Bratz. Enjoy!

Lil Bratz Coloring Book

Enjoy lots of fun with the Lil Bratz Coloring Book. This is a 7 piece paper dolls package. This package includes 2 paper dolls books, 4 coloring books and 6 packet of crayons. All together 152 pages.

This is long lasting fun for your child. What a great gift this would be to those you love and dear. What fabulous color creations your child will enjoy. Coloring is a great tool to enhance hand and eye coordination. Children love to color their favorite toys.

Why not join in on the fun and color with your child. There is still a kid in all of us. The display of Bratz pictures are nice to look at. Pure enjoyment. The Lil Bratz Coloring Book is awesome.