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Bratz Dolls On Sale - Mga Has To Stop Selling Bratz Doll

You will find Bratz Dolls On Sale. You should make your purchase IMMEDIATELY! MGA Has To Stop Selling Bratz Dolls. No more Bratz Dolls. Barbie has her control back. Again, MGA has to stop making the Bratz dolls. You have up to the Holidays to still purchase. After the holidays, you will not be able to buy another doll ever again.

The most popular dolls have been evicted. This is shameful that it has come to this. Well I guess Mattel and MGA could not work things out. Very sad. MGA has been in court over 4 years with Mattel. Mattel has won all court battles and now MGA has to stop selling the Bratz Dolls.

On this note, this will be a great collector's item and if you want to own a Bratz, you should purchase your doll now because after the holidays, it is gone. The Bratz will be missed.

Bratz Dolls On Sale - MGA Has To Stop Selling Bratz Doll

Article: MGA Ordered To Stop Selling The Bratz Dolls

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